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00 - Setup
01 - Command Line Basics
02 - Bits and Bytes
03 - File Formats
04 - Regular Expressions
05 - Networking
06 - Web

00 - Setup [yt]

00.00 Downloading Virtual Box and Xubuntu on Windows 10 [yt]
00.01 Install Xubuntu as a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox [yt]

01 - Command Line Basics [yt]

01.00 Linux Command Line Navigation [yt]
01.01 Installing Packages in Ubuntu [yt]
01.02 Quick Introduction to Vim [yt]
01.03 SSH Tutorial from Putty to an Ubuntu VM [yt]
01.04 Overview of Linux Filesystem Folders [yt]
01.05 Linux Command Redirection and the Standard Streams [yt]
01.06 Grep and Find on the Linux Command Line [yt]
01.07 Intro to Sed, Awk, and Bash While Loops [yt]
01.08 Assignment [yt]
Assignment Materials -
01.09 Solutions [patreon]

02 - Bits and Bytes [yt]

02.00 Learn Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal for Hacking [yt]
02.01 Introduction to Numeric Data Types using C [yt]
02.02 Strings in C and the Null Terminator [yt]
02.03 Learn Two's Complement with GDB [yt]
02.04 Boolean Variables and Logical Operators [yt]
02.06 Left Shift and Right Shift - Arithmetic vs. Logical Explained! [yt]
02.05 Bitwise Operators NOT, OR, and AND [yt]
02.07 XOR Properties - Self Inverse and the Identity Element [yt]
02.08 IEEE 754 Floating Point Format [yt]
02.09 Assignment [yt]
Assignment Materials - 02.c
Assignment Materials - 02_chal
02.10 Solutions (02.c) [patreon]
02.11 Solutions (02_chal) [patreon]

03 - File Formats [yt]

03.00 File Magic and File Formats [yt]
03.01 Zip File Format and 010Editor [yt]
Lesson Materials - 03.wat
Lesson Materials - 03.wasm
Lesson Materials - 03.harness.html
03.02 WASM vs. WAT and our harness [yt]
03.03 WASM binary format RE part 1 [yt]
03.04 WASM binary format RE part 2 [yt]
Assignment Materials - 03.protected.wasm
Assignment Materials - 03.cryptor.txt
Assignment Materials -
03.05 Assignment [yt]
03.06 Solutions [patreon]

04 - Regular Expressions [yt]

04.00 Regex Basics [yt]
04.00 Character classes and anchors in regex [yt]
04.00 Capture groups and lookaheads and lookbehinds [yt]

05 - Networking [yt]

05.00 Setting up Wireshark [yt]
05.01 Socket client / server in Python [yt]
05.02 Understanding the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) with Wireshark [yt]
05.03 Understanding the user datagram protocol with Python and Wireshark [yt]

06 - Web [yt]

06.00 Writing your own (janky) web server in Python [yt]
06.01 Front end web development and a basic XSS [yt]
06.02 Introduction to backend with PHP and some more XSS [yt]
06.03 MySQL database crash course [yt]

Project - Full stack vulnerable image host

06.04 Project - Database setup and index.php [yt]
06.05 Project - Writing a vulnerable file upload in PHP [yt]
06.06 Project - Refactor index.php to display images [yt]
06.07 Project - Endpoint for fetching images based on their hash [yt]